We all just love that feeling when we spoil ourselves with a visit at our favorite spa, don’t we? The scents surrounding us as soon as we enter the spa, the relaxing sounds of nature, the warm feeling of the essential oils, and so on. And on the bottom line, most of the spa experience is about the way it makes us feel. It is about addressing our senses with the exact tools at the exact volume. Now, what about enjoying that same feeling at your own house, at your own schedule? Here’s a few of our tips to guide you with turning your bathroom into a private spa (or at least to a place that feels like it).

Creating the Atmosphere of a Private Spa

The atmosphere is the sum of all the elements addressing our senses. Meaning, you should start with assembling the best atmosphere for your senses – choosing candles with the scent you like and makes you feel relaxed, choosing essential oils with scents you like and make sure it goes with the candles’ scents you’ve chosen. Now choose sounds and music that relaxes you the most and will allow you to enjoy your bath time to the best – it can be nature sounds (waterfalls, rain dropping, wind sounds, etc.) and it can be relaxing music such as a smooth saxophone melody or even relaxing songs you like.

In order to complete the spa-like experience you can get the suited accessories you’ll find in every spa, such fluffy bathrobes and slippers, big fluffy towels, rugs and even a blindfold to allow you to disconnect yourself from everything and to focus on the atmosphere you’ve created.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re at the stage when you plan your new bathroom design, you can aim it to offer you the spa experience you’re looking for. Meaning, including a big bathtub or even a Jacuzzi, plan the lighting system to allow you to dim the lights as you please, and so on! At Lia Construction we can plan your new bathroom with you! Call 702-650-0445 and let’s schedule to meet with no obligations – free estimates included!