Want to design your new kitchen according to the modern design style? Looking for ideas? You’ve reached the right place! On this article we will talk about the most popular modern kitchen designs, so it will inspire you with planning your own beautiful new modern kitchen.

Black and White Modern Kitchen

One of the most popular modern kitchen’s designs is a black and white kitchen. Perhaps it is the balance of combining those two contrasts colors and maybe it is the contrast itself that people like. But in most modern kitchen’s designs you will find this combination of black and white. Those who really love seeing those two colors next to each other will probably choose to include a black and white checkers pattern for the flooring or even the walls decoration. Other options is to choose solid white or black elements and combine it together. For example – white kitchen’s cabinets with black granite stone for the countertops and flooring.

All White Modern Kitchen

All white kitchen is also very popular among modern kitchen’s designs. It is bright, it looks neat and clean, and it suits the idea of the modern design style to be simple and efficient. With that said, it is pretty rare to see really all white kitchen’s designs, as most homeowners will choose at least one element in other color – such as all white kitchen with off-white marble stone for the countertops. You can also see all black modern kitchen designs, but usually it will be with glossy finish to it.

Glossy Modern Kitchen

Now, let’s put aside the colors of the modern kitchen for a minute, and talk about the finish. A lot of the modern kitchen’s designs have a glossy finish to it. Meaning, the homeowners who wish to design their new kitchens according to the modern design style, tend to choose glossy finish to the new cabinets. And so, it is pretty common to see glossy cabinets in modern designed kitchens.