When a home remodeling project includes the renovation of the flooring, the outcome feels as though you’ve entered a whole new house! It is literally the basis of your home and that is one of the reasons why we love remodeling projects that include new flooring. And so, here’s a few ideas for new flooring for your home you can choose from.

Choosing the Flooring Material

OK first thing is first! And the first choice to decide about your new flooring is its material. Do you want a wooden floor? If so, you can choose out of hardwood flooring, which is very durable and of a high quality. You can go with parquet flooring, which is available in a lot of colors and shades. If you love wood but want to make environment friendly decision, you can choose lamination flooring, which can imitate the wooden look. It can also imitate a stone texture! If you want real stone flooring – you can choose natural stone flooring such as marble or granite flooring. You can also choose tile flooring.

Custom Flooring Design

As part of choosing your new flooring you can choose its design, style, color and texture. On top of all that, you can also ask to make a custom design to your flooring, such as a family sign or a special shape you like – such as a star, a flower, a diamond and etc. That may add a unique touch to your new flooring.

Heated Flooring

Yes we know! It is so hot outside right now that you can’t even think about the idea of having heated flooring at your house. But! It is very practical and spoiling to have a heated flooring during winter and so, that is something you should consider! It is important to know that not every material of flooring can be installed upon heated flooring, so it is very important to consult with a professional about the heated flooring system you choose and the material of flooring that suits that system.

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