A lot of our customers consult with us regarding the best timing to replace the flooring at their house. The answer isn’t always the same, as there are a few great timings to remodel the flooring, which will allow you to enjoy new flooring with as less hassle as possible. Here’s what we like to say to our customers in order to help them with deciding when the best time to replace the flooring at their house is.

Prior to Moving into a New House

If you bought a new house or a used house, and you wish to replace its flooring, the best timing to do so is any time prior to your moving in date. The best way is to get it done with before you and your family moving in. that’s will allow you to enjoy new flooring with minimum hassle and inconvenience.

During a Family Vacation

Same goes for replacing the flooring during a family vacation. Meaning your family is out for a vacation and so the flooring remodeling can be conducted smoothly and quickly without interfering your family’s daily routine. What you should do is choose a professional in which you can count on for replacing the flooring while you’re not there to oversee everything is going smoothly. But, if you can find such professional, you can always recruit someone you trust for the task – a good friend or neighbor or a relative who lives close by.

During a General Remodeling

Another great timing for replacing the flooring is as part of a general remodeling project. For example: if you decide to replace the kitchen or the bathroom or to remodel the entire house, it is best to include the flooring replacing within that project, rather than to schedule it for another occasion.

On the bottom line, the best tip we can give you is to plan the flooring replacing for when it suits you and your family. Every family has other schedule limitations and needs and so you must suit the timing to your needs as much as possible.

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