As the casitas turn to be more and more popular in residential building, we’re been asked a lot about what exactly a casita is, what its benefits are, what it can use for and should I have a casita on my property. And so, we’ve decided to answer all of the question in one place. What a casita is? All details to follow.

A Little House

The casita is a little house that is built on the same property of a house but separately from it, as a secondary living space – it has its own structure including walls, roof, plumbing, electricity, bathroom, kitchen or a kitchenette, etc. The name “casita” is actually a little confusing, as it is more known in certain areas such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and the southwest area in general. If you live in other places across the US you’ve probably know the casita as: pool house, guest house, cabana, carriage house, mother-in-law house or simply a little house. On simple words, it is indeed a small house.

How Big is a Casita?

Well, the casita size changes from one casita to the other. It depends on the size of the property, the budget, and the purpose of it as well. The average casita size is about 500 square feet. But, if we’ll check luxury big houses’ or mansions’ casitas, its size will probably be bigger and even exceed the size of an average-sized house.

What the Casita is Used For?

As mentioned above, the casita is a secondary living space. It can use for a teenaged child, it can use for hosting your elderly parents, and it can be used for adult children (aka “boomerang kids”). That way, they can live right next to you on the same property but with relatively a lot of privacy. With real estate prices go up by the day, the casita can be used in order to save money – for example: it can use a young couple that just got married and can live in the parent’s casita for a few years and during which to save money for their own house. Additionally, the casita can be rented as a separate unit and allow the house owner to enjoy a nice income from the rent. Also, the casita adds a very significant potential in resale value.

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