Having a casita at your house’s yard is a wonderful thing that benefits you well. On this article we will talk about the benefits of having a casita, but first, let’s talk basics. The casita is a little house that uses as a secondary living space for one of the family members or for rental use as well. Its average size is about 500 sq. ft. and so that’s something to take into consideration when planning a casita. Now let’s get to the benefits of having a casita on your property.

Potential in Resale Value

Having a casita on your property enlarge the value of your house directly. Due to the benefits that we will list next, a lot of people these days are looking to buy a house that’s already have a casita. The meaning is that we’re talking about a huge potential in resale value. And as the demand of houses with casitas is rising it will be easier for you to resale should you wish to. So, we’re talking about more money and more demand for your house.

Aging Parents

If you have aging parents, you’re probably worried for their health and well-being a lot. Now, that’s a situation where most would like their parents to move in with them but afraid to do so as they worried about their privacy and the sake of their marriage. And so, having a casita, where your parents can live right next to you, while you still enjoy your privacy – is a huge benefit. All you’ll have to do in order to check on your beloved parents is knock on their door.

Teenaged Children and “Boomerang kids”

Having a casita allows you to teach your teenaged child about independency, responsibility, and the meaning of owning their own house, which will prepare them for the real life. Additionally, a lot of children returning home after college these days as they can’t afford living alone, and instead of them coming back under your roof, they can live at the casita for a little while and save some money for a home of their own.

Additional Income

The casita can allow you to enjoy an additional income as it can also be used for rental purposes. You can rent it to a family member, to a friend or to a stranger. That will also means that you’ll be able to avoid the maintenance and bills of the casita by calculate it into the rent or simply include it in the rental contract.

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