Not once we hear about estimates meeting that didn’t go well or price quotes that wasn’t accurate and more. Not all the companies out there are fair and not every “free estimate” is conducted as it should have. So, in order for you to know what to expect, to know what to ask and to know whether the price quote you’re given is accurate – here’s all you need to know about free estimate meetings.

What is a Free Estimate Meeting?

A free estimate meeting is a meeting between a potential customer (who wishes to remodel their asset) and a representative of the remodeling company. The estimate meeting meant to allow both sides to get the information they need before committing themselves to each other. The company wishes to understand what it is that the customer wants to remodel, the potential customer wish to understand what the remodeling company offer and for what price. Therefore, the estimate meeting should be free and without any obligations.

An Accurate Price Quote

In order for the price quote, given in the frame of the estimate meeting, to be accurate as possible, the remodeling company will sent their representative to your location, so they can take measurements of the space destined to be remodeled. The representative should also tell you exactly what the price quote includes, such as work, materials, etc. At the same time, it is up to the customer to ask specific questions about the price quote, such as which materials I should choose, what happens if I want other materials then what the company offers, and such questions that will make sure you know exactly what the price offer includes.

Coordination of Expectations

In order for both sides to make sure they understood each other perfectly, and in order to prevent later misunderstandings and disappointments, it is very important that you, as the potential customer, will ask all the question you may have about the company, about the project and about the price quote. Ask the remodeling company representative what the price quote includes. In most cases the price quote includes the materials – ask which materials exactly the price quote includes and what happens if you want other materials. Ask when the company can start your project and when can it be completed. Ask the representative to help you choose materials that suit your budget. And in general, ask any question you may have for the remodeling company, so when the time comes, you’ll be able to choose the remodeling company without hesitating.

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