Looking for design style tips that will inspire you to plan your home remodeling project? On this article we bring you 7 great ideas for decorations, designing and styling your home! Some you can plan as part of your remodeling project and some you can complete after the project is done.

Design Style

When choosing the new design style for your house, try to include one element from a different design style to go with it. It will do two things – first, “break” the common style of the design you’ve chose, and second, it will allow you to create your own unique style. For example – choosing a classic designed chandelier for a rustic designed living room or bedroom.

Effects by Colors

Colors choices will allow you to create decoration effects in your house. Say you want the new kitchen’s counters to stand out – you can choose a contrast color for it against the cabinets, so it will stand out. The thing is that it must be a smart choice so the colors will work together rather than cause a head each. So you may want to consult a professional designer about the colors for your house’s new design.

Effects by Lighting

Light can also create beautiful effects. And not only – it also set the atmosphere of the space at hand, and it allows you to turn the space as useful as you need it to be. For example, in order to use the kitchen conveniently, we need strong bright light in it. Choosing dim lights for the kitchen may harm your ability to enjoy the kitchen to the fullest. But, on the other hand, choosing dim lights for your bedroom, may allow you to create that romantic vibe you’re looking for.

Natural Light

Every home has its share of natural light entering from outside during daytime. And when you plan new lighting systems on your house, you should take the natural light into consideration. It will allow you to enjoy beautiful natural light effects and it will sometimes allow you some electricity saving as well.

Matching Furniture

How fun is it to buy new furniture for your house after a remodeling project? And by choosing new furniture you can also complete the entire new styling of your house. You can assist a professional designer to help you make the best choices to go beautifully together.

Walls’ Decoration

Decorating the walls is turned to be quite common as it is a fantastic tool to create an amazing look for your house. And the options are varied. One of the most common decorations for walls is combining a brick wall design in the living room or at the entrance of the house. It may not be so unique, but it is simply beautiful.


Winter or summer, the weather is not the matter! Fireplace is not only a heating solution, but also a very powerful and beautiful decorating element! For example: you can choose an electric fireplace for a modern designed house!