When we ask our customers what is it that they wish to create by designing their homes according to the rustic design style, the answers are pretty much the same – coziness, warmth, welcoming. Out of the desire to create a unique look, some homeowners choose the classic rustic design and some combine it with modern elements. Here’s a few ideas for planning a beautiful rustic bathroom to inspire you.

Brick Walls

Brick walls isn’t exactly a classic rustic design feature but, it does somewhat remind stone craft building (stonemasonry). A lot of cabins were built of wood that right, but a lot of it was stone craft. And therefore, combining brick walls design in the bathroom will contribute to the entire rustic design line. Choosing darker shade for the bathroom’s walls, will allow you to create a warm and cozy vibe.

Big Bathtub

The rustic design style isn’t considered to be ostentatious but it doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing. If you have a big bathroom and enough space, placing a big bathtub or even a Jacuzzi will grant the entire space a luxurious touch. A natural stone tub, such as a marble tub is one of the most beautiful options.

The Bathroom’s Counters

For the bathroom’s counters we’d recommend to choose natural stone as well, such as granite or marble stones. If you choose dark shade for the walls, consider to choose light shade for the counters, such as cream marble. The contradiction will emphasize the beauty of the counters.

The Bathroom’s Cabinets

Beautiful cabinets for the new bathroom is a must! Can you imagine remodeling the entire bathroom except of the cabinets? You can choose rustic designed cabinets with rough beautiful texture for finish. Because wood and brown color are two main characteristics, we recommend to choose brown cabinets of your favorite shade. Another option is to choose new cabinets without paint – just leave it with its beautiful natural color.

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