Dreaming of a new luxurious bathroom? Want to remodel your bathroom and wish it to be perfect just the way you imagine it to be? You’ve come to the right place! At Lia Construction we expert in beautiful luxurious designs for our customers – designs we plan according to our customers’ desires. And whether you have a small bathroom or big, it can be designed beautifully. In the following, you’ll find some ideas and things to take into consideration for planning your new luxurious bathroom.

Design Style for Luxurious Bathrooms

Just as you’ve probably guessed, there isn’t one design style that is luxurious alone. You can choose any design style you like, and combine it with beautiful luxurious elements. Luxury – isn’t one thing, and the definition of luxury is different in one person’s opinion and another. So – which design style you imagine your new bathroom to be designed accordingly? Will it be a rustic bathroom luxury design that looks like a magical cabin’s bathroom? Will it be a royal luxurious bathroom will a lot of beautiful marble stone in its design? Or maybe it will be a prestigious modern bathroom? Well, it is up to you to decide.

Luxurious Bathrooms’ Colors

What is the color of a beautiful luxurious bathroom? Does it have a color? Well, is surely has a color but that color changes every time we ask a different customer that question. But, once you’ll decide which design style is the one you prefer, it will be easier to choose the colors and shades of your new bathroom.

Materials for a Luxurious Bathroom

Whether you choose hardwood flooring, stone counters or beautiful wall cladding – the materials has to be of a high quality. Otherwise, what’s the point in investing in a bathroom that only looks luxurious but will come apart day by day? As far as we see it, prestige is in the quality before everything else. And so, a marble stone is great for classic designed bathroom, granite is the perfect choice for the bathrooms’ counters in any design style, and maple cabinets can be custom designed according to the style you choose.

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