Maybe it isn’t the most important things in our lives, but we all want to have a beautiful bathroom in our home. A place where we can take a shower and relax after a long day. But how does one design a beautiful and relaxing bathroom? Well, if you want to design your new bathroom according to the modern design – here’s some tips to guide you with it!

Custom Made Cabinets

One of the main features of the modern design is that it is practical. Meaning, it makes the best use it can out of the space at hand. And so, the first thing on your list should be custom made cabinets that will answer all your storage needs in the bathroom, all while using the space smartly.

Natural Stones

The modern design offers a practical and convenient design not only in terms of storage solutions but also in terms of maintenance. That is why we see a lot of use of natural stones such as marble, granite and quartz. Those stones are very easy to clean and not only that, it is also extremely durable materials so your new bathroom will remain new and beautiful for years to come. You can use natural stones for your new bathroom’s counters, bathtub, walls, and flooring.

Lighting in Modern Bathrooms

Beautiful modern bathrooms always has bright strong lighting systems in it. Why? Because it is convenient to see everything clearly in the bathroom – the place where we take care of our personal hygiene, including skin care and dental care and we need a bright light for those. Also – in terms of styling, bright lights right above the bathroom’s mirror is what we see in stars dressing rooms and it has a luxurious touch to it.

“Clean” Design

The modern design style is very “clean” as it is not packed with ornamentals and decorations. It is usually minimal and so, the colors are usually solid. We see less patterns in the modern bathrooms, except of the natural stones – where we do see combinations of beautiful natural stone patterns in modern designs. So, for example, you can choose solid white cabinets with granite countertops – as the granite you choose can be of a darker shade with any patterns you like.

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