Planning home remodeling projects include several stages, as many decision has to be made – which design to choose, which colors, what to replace, setting a budget and more. Some of those decisions are about the flooring. In order to help you with making the best choices for your home, here are some tips for how to choose new flooring while matching it to the interior design.

Choosing New Flooring

Some homeowners prefer to floor their entire house with the same flooring, while others like to choose different flooring for each space. Say you want to combine several flooring options in your house, you can for example, choose tile flooring for the backyard, natural stone for the living room, parquet for the bedrooms and hardwood flooring for the bathrooms. There are many options to choose from and the material is just the beginning of it – what about the texture and colors of the new flooring?

Choosing New Flooring to Match Classic Design Style

In most classic designed houses we will see stone flooring. Be it tile flooring, marble flooring, granite flooring and such, the stone flooring is usually related to the classic design as it has been combined together for decades. But nowadays, more and more homeowners choose to mix things up and for example, combine wooden flooring in their classic designed house.

Choosing New Flooring to Match Rustic Design Style

The obvious choice for rustic design style is wooden flooring. But even in this category there are a lot of options today. We’d recommend to choose a rustic texture/color to the flooring, to better match the entire design. As far as material – you can choose hardwood flooring, parquet flooring or lamination flooring.

Choosing New Flooring to Match Modern Design Style

Matching new flooring to the modern design style can be tricky. See, there options are truly countless and therefore it is easy to get confused and distracted. Almost any type of flooring will suit your home’s design beautifully, and that is why we recommend you to consult with an interior designer to help you make the best choice for you.

At Lia Construction we offer the services of our professional designer to guide you with planning your home remodeling project, including choosing new flooring to match beautifully with the entire design style of your house.