There are two scenarios of designing a backyard – first, when the backyard is deserted and needed to be planned from scratch. Second, you wish to remodel the existing backyard design. In both scenarios it is best to consult with a professional to help you with the landscape design. That way, you’ll know exactly how your backyard is about to look like and make sure it answers your expectations. So, before you call the experts, here’s a few ideas to include in your beautiful backyard’s new design.

The Courtyard

The courtyard or the lounge area, is destined to be that place where you sit and relax at your own piece of paradise. It is best to floor that area or install hardwood floor, so the furniture can be balanced. You can also include a beautiful designed pergola in order to enjoy its shade during those Vegas’s extremely warm days.

The BBQ Bar

Next to the courtyard, you can build a BBQ bar. We all love barbequing at our backyard, whether for ourselves, for our close family or for our guests. The sense of freedom and enjoyment from your own piece of paradise is something that almost every homeowner wants to experience.

The Grass

The grass area is where your kids can play outside and enjoy themselves during beautiful weather days. Your dogs will also love this part of the backyard! Also, the grass area is a great place to do your daily workouts at or even have a picnic with your family. Including grass area in your backyard design will allow you countless hours of enjoyment with your family!

Plants in the Backyard

Usually, there are two types of homeowners: those who like to garden and those who doesn’t. So, if you don’t like gardening, you can ask the landscape designer to include low maintenance plants in your backyard. If you do like gardening and find it to relax you, you can ask the designer to include plants that you like. It can be fruit trees, vegetables plants, herbs, flowers and more! You can also replace the plants from season to season as you wish!

Swimming Pool

A lot of people dream about having a swimming pool at their backyard. After all it is a source for countless hours of fun for the entire family and the friends visit you as well. So, a swimming pool with a beautiful deck to surround it with sunbeds right next to it is defiantly something we recommend to include in your new backyard’s design.