Looking for ideas for design styles combinations for your house remodeling? Want to know which the most popular combinations are and what the best matches are? Looking for colors combinations that always work? Great! On this article you’ll get several ideas for your inspiration! Let’s begin.

Modern with Rustic

The modern and the rustic design styles are truly a contrast to each other. The modern is clean, smooth and practical. The rustic is rough, textured and decorative. So, does those two can be combined together? Well, yes it can. How? Well, should you want to combine these two, you need to set the dominant design style as one of those and take only several elements from the other in order to create a new styling that suits your wishes. It can’t be split half and half – one mast be the main design style that will set the tone for the entire interior design.

Classic with Rustic

Same with the classic design style, it can be beautifully combined with the rustic design style. Actually, it can even work better with the classic design style rather than the modern design style. That’s because both the classic and the rustic design style has deep decorative elements to it.

Colors Combinations

There’s a few known methods for combining colors in interior designing, which works great every time. Let’s talk about 3 of them:

· Contrast – colors that create contrast works together. The stronger the contrast is, the better it works. For example: black and white combination, which it the most common contrast combination.

· Completing – colors that completes each other and create a fluent designing line. It is best to consult with professional designer about the colors you consider for your house and ask if it works together. Example for colors that complete each other and work great – warm combination: yellow, orange, red. Cold combination: blue, green.

· Stand out – a method that meant to emphasize one element above the other by choosing a different color for it. For example – black granite counters in an all-white kitchen.

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