Replacing the floor can be a headache project to get through, but it can be easy and simple when planned properly. See, the thing is to plan it ahead, to know when the project will begin and when it will be completed. Knowing what you want can allow you to easily change your house’s flooring. And so, on this article we will try to answer the most FAQ about new flooring.

The New Flooring Material and Colors

Which material is best for new flooring?

The best options for new flooring today is wood, natural stone or lamination flooring. Each has its own advantages – you need to explore it all and decide which answers your needs and expectations.

What colors should I choose for my new flooring?

Each flooring material is available in several colors and shades. Some are manmade and some are nature-made. It is best to match the colors with the entire design of the house, or the room the flooring is meant for.

Can I combine more than one material or color for my new flooring?

Yes. You can choose different materials and colors for the flooring of each room or even combine it in one space such as the living room. In order to reach beautiful results we do recommend to consult with a professional designer.

Timing for Flooring Remodeling Project

When is the best time to remodel the flooring?

If you’re about to move into a house you just bought and you know you want to replace its flooring – the best time to do so is before moving in to the house. If you want to replace the flooring at your house (where you currently live), it is up to you to decide when is the best timing for you to start the project.

How long will it take to replace the flooring?

The length of new flooring projects depends on two main things: first, the scale of the project – how big is the house or the space in which you want to replace the flooring. Second, there’s the availability of the remodeling company.

New Flooring Price

How much a new flooring will cost?

The pricing of new flooring can change from one project and another and depends on 3 main things:

· The company – each company has its own pricing policy.

· The materials – there’s a price for each material and even between colors of the same material.

· The scale of the project – meaning, the size of the space you wish to remodel.

On the bottom line, you won’t know the price of your new flooring project before you’ll ask. Therefore, we recommend to get a free estimate with professional companies at your area. Want to schedule a free estimate meeting in Las Vegas and surroundings? Call us at: 702-650-0445 and let’s plan your project with no obligations.