So, you’ve decided to build your own vegetable garden in your backyard but you’re not sure which crops to grow in it? No worries – we have 5 wonderful, healthy, beautiful and colorful ideas for your vegetable garden.


It is healthy and it is very easy to grow on your own! All that herbs need is a little water, direct sunlight and your attention. As long as you will treat it nice and provide it with the basic things it needs it will grow and fill your backyard vegetable garden. Remember – when it comes to herbs, if you want it to keep growing, you must harvest it from time to time. Don’t harvest it with its roots but only higher than about one inch from the ground and above. You can always put it in the fridge or the freezer should you don’t use it right away or give some to family and friends.

Winter Crops

Aim for seasonal corps should you wish to succeed with your backyard vegetable garden. For example, all root vegetables are suited for winter growing, such as: onions, garlic, leeks, radishes, potatoes, etc. And also, you can choose to grow things you will enjoy during winter. For example, you can plant mint and enjoy it in your tea.

Healthy and Colorful

Color your backyard vegetable garden with beautiful, colorful and very healthy vegetables. It may not be so easy to grow those but should you succeed, it will be very satisfying to enjoy! For example: tomatoes and ball peppers of many colors and types. Also – tomatoes and ball peppers are the kind of vegetables you can plant for yourself – just take the leftovers of the ball peppers you have at your refrigerator, and put the seeds of it just about half of an inch under the ground and make sure it is moist at all times and it will sprout soon enough. For tomatoes, you can put the seeds on top of the ground and keep it moist and the same will happen as it will eventually sprout.

Beautiful Flowers

You know those vegetables that looks like flowers but aren’t? That’s what we’re talking about. Again, those are also won’t be very easy to grow but it will make your garden extremely beautiful. Such vegetables are: lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and all cabbages.

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are actually flowers which you can…eat, obviously. It is colorful and simply beautiful and will color up your backyard vegetable garden. You can cook with it or mix it in your salad to add both color and taste in it. Such flowers are: Viola, Cilantro, pansy, pea flowers, Chamomile and Arugula.