Deciding what you want to change at your house during a remodeling project usually relays on two main things: your personal taste and your budget. Two things that are usually solid and clear. But when it comes to choosing the best construction company for your remodeling project, things may get a little harder. How will you choose? By the price? By the experience? By the customer service quality? Or is it a complex of things? Well, we believe that the key of choosing the best remodeling company is learning everything you can about that company. And so, on this article we will tell you everything you need to know about us – who we are, our experience, the kind of projects we do, our services and more! So keep on reading and find out why Lia Construction is the best choice for your house’s remodeling project.

About Us

Lia Construction is a family-owned company. We work as a family and we treat each of our customers as family. We believe in transparency, loyalty, quality and morality. We believe in quality and professionalism and in fair market price rates. On the bottom line, we turn houses into homes and we do that out of the desire to give each of our customers a design that will make them feel at home – so it is also must be a design that suits the family’s taste and style. And so, the first step of any of the project we take on, even before we take it, is to hear what it is that the homeowners have in mind for their ideal home. Only then we start advising each homeowner according to our experience, according to the space at hand and according to what they’ve asked for – all in order to come up with a solid remodeling project plan that will be the best that can be done. We take pride of the services we provide to each of our customers during the planning and executing stages of their remodeling project, which allows us to control the whole process and allows our customers to know exactly what to expect at each step of the way. You can read more about us here.

Our Production Chain

In order to allow us a full control on the remodeling projects we run we’ve created our own production chain, in which we manage each step of the process. We have own showroom, our own cabinets shop and our own stone fabrication shop. It also means that our customers get full approach to each step of their project, as they can visit our shops and showroom to see how we work with their own eyes. It also means that everything stays “in house” and each customer can know exactly in which stage their project is on and the progressing of it as well at each giving time. And the best thing about it all? It is all Las Vegas local!

A Local Las Vegas Remodeling Company

Lia Construction is a Las Vegas local construction company. And all of our assets are Las Vegas local as well. We’re close to our customer. Literally. We serve the local community for about two decades now, and we take pride in it. Our goal is to turn your houses into homes, while improving it, strengthening it and turn it prettier. Here are all the reasons to choose a local remodeling company.

One Stop Shop – A General Contractor

At Lia Construction we believe that it can be hard to plan all the aspects of the remodeling project, let alone to manage to coordinate between everything. Planning a remodeling project without forgetting anything is almost impossible when you do it on your own – so say you’ve somehow succeeded at it – now try to locate all the subcontractors, vendors and more. So, forget about that. We operate as a general contractor – whatever you need for your remodeling project, we’ve got your back. We will provide it all and what we don’t have – we will hook you up with our fellow vendors, which will grant you a great discount as well. With Lia Construction you can get it all for your project with our “one stop shop” services. And in order to further ease the process for you, we will assign a foreman to lead your project from A to Z.

A Foreman for Your Remodeling Project

Planning a remodeling project can lead to a lot of pressure upon the homeowner and even the entire family who reside the house. And that’s only the planning stage we’re talking about. And once the project starts it can quickly escalate to be a one big chaos. Therefore, it is very important not only to plan it right, but also make sure it goes as planned. That’s why we assign a professional foreman to lead each project we take on. No homeowner should go through this process full of worries and running around taking care of everything. That’s what you have us for – our foreman will make sure that everything goes according to the plan, that all the materials arrived as ordered, that the quality of work is not less then excellent, and will solve any complication might occur during the project, will coordinate between all the vendors and will answer any of your questions or concerns regarding the project. The foreman is our idea of your project’s guardian from point A to point Z – where you’re happy with the results of your project.

Professionalism and Experience

One of the most basic elements to choose the right construction company for your project by is the professionalism level and the extent of the experience in varied projects. There’s no room for compromising here and both parameters should be at a very high level. Our teams at Lia Construction are assembled from only professionals that have a vast experience in the field of home renovations. We make sure that each of our team members has top-notch equipment and all the knowledge they need in order to execute their jobs at the highest level. We always stay on top of the renovations in the field of home improvement so we can provide each of our customers with the best results, and on other words – with a beautiful home that answer all their wishes. The bottom line is to allow our experience and professionalism to answer each need in every aspect of the project and to guide each of our customers through a smooth and well-executed process, which in the end of it they remain with their ideal dreamy home. Click here to learn more on how choosing a professional will benefit you.

Comprehensive Services

We’ve already mentioned the services of a foreman who will run your project from A to Z but that’s not even the half of everything we offer to each of our customers as part of their project. As we strive to provide our customers with a whole package for their project and in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we include a few more services to the benefit of our customers with no additional fee. You don’t have to use each and every service shouldn’t you want to, but we think it is always good to know it’s offered to you if needed.

Free Estimate Meeting with Our Professionals

A free estimate, as we see it, isn’t a service you should pay for or even oblige yourself to any sort of project before hearing the price quote. A free estimate is the basic for even considering having a remodeling project, so you can know what to expect, in aspect of budget, duration of the project and additional parameters which you may need to prepare yourself for them before giving the construction company a green light to go with the project. Therefore, the very first time we meet will always be for the purpose of providing you with free initial consultation and an estimate for your project. That way you could get answers to your prime questions and concerns regarding the project, and get an idea of what financial scale the project will require of you. Those are the essential things each of us needs to know in advance in order to take such a serious decision as remodeling our own homes. Click here to learn more about a free estimate meeting and what should it include.

Consulting with Our Professional Designer

Additional service we provide each of our customers with is a free consultation with our in-house professional designer. We know that a lot of times the customer standing in front of us aren’t perfectly sure what it is that they wish to do in their houses. Sure, they know they’ve had enough of the old bathroom or the deserted backyard, but they’re not quite sure what exactly they wish to replace it with or which design style to choose. Sometimes, it can be a single wall print that the customer needs to consult about in order to set their mind about what they want. Therefore, this service is available for each project for each of our customers.

Choosing the Materials and Products for Your Remodeling Project

A lot of times our customers choose some of the materials but they’re not sure which exact product to choose. For example: say you’ve chosen coffee brown granite for the new kitchen, but you’re not sure which specific granite slab to choose, as each is slightly different from the other. How will you know which one will bring the best results for your new kitchen counters? That is why we will accompany you to choose the materials for your project, so you’ll know for 100% that you’ve made the best choice for your remodeling project. We will accompany you to choose granite slabs, tiles for the floor or the bathroom, etc. and not only that, we will also advise you which vendors to buy from. Don’t you worry about that – we’ve got you.

30% Discount from Vendors of the Best Materials and Products in the Home Improvement Market

Well you can call it a service but we like to call it a wonderful benefit of hiring us for the job – the benefit of great deals and discounts from the best materials’ and products’ vendors in the business! Our long-term of experience in the field of home improvement allows us to create great connections and collaborations with a lot of vendors (most of them are Las Vegas local vendors). And our customers are the ones to enjoy those connections as each of our customer enjoys about 30% off all materials and products, and we’re talking about high quality materials – the best you’ll find. Meaning it will also allow you to use the best materials for your project, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Because high quality not only mean beauty or luxury, but also durability and strength that will last for many years. The bottom line – by choosing Lia Construction you’ll get the best value for your investment.

The Projects We Specialize In

Lia Construction specializes in all sorts of remodeling projects, and among our customers there are homeowners, construction companies, hotels, stores, offices, etc. Our teams have accumulated a vast experience in all projects and there’s nothing that can’t be done, should it is planned properly. Here are the most common remodeling projects in Las Vegas, and if you don’t find the project you want to do, you can contact us and consult with our professionals with no obligations.

New Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling is the most popular remodeling project among homeowners. Maybe that’s because the kitchen is the most important room in every home – the room where you eat, the room where the family comes together around the morning or dinner table. Maybe because it is the room in our house where we spend a lot of our time “working” so we need it to be convenient to cook at. There are a lot of elements to consider including in the kitchen remodeling project, but the most important and most common element are the counters. Every homeowner that plans a kitchen remodeling chooses to have new countertops, as the first thing they want to do. We recommend choosing a natural stone for that matter – such as new granite countertops, marble or quartz. Then there are the kitchen’s cabinets that’s also highly common in kitchen remodeling projects. It is very important to check the condition of the electricity and piping infrastructures prior to the remodeling project, and see if it needs improvement (you don’t want to remodel the kitchen and find out later on that you need to replace the infrastructures). Additional elements to consider for the project: new flooring, new faucets, new sinks, and appliances. If you want to plan everything in advance, you can also think about the decoration elements of your new kitchen, such as: lighting systems, new wall paint, textile (new kitchen curtains, towels, etc.), and more. Enter here to get some tips for planning your new kitchen.

New Bathrooms

While the kitchen takes the first place for most common project, the bathroom is the most pampering project. And it is also very popular project. The bathroom is also a room that the whole family enjoys but as individuals, so when you plan a new bathroom, you know you can really spoil yourself. You can plan the new bathroom to be your new private spa, where you can fill the tub with worm water and add some bath bombs and oils that will spread great scent and allow both your body and mind to relax for about an hour – sounds dreamy? We can bring it into reality for you. Aside from the bathtub, you can also combine shower stall – if that’s something you want, we can tell you it is more common of what you may think. Think about the storage you need in the bathroom when you plan it – that will help you understand just how much and how big of cabinets you need. The infrastructures’ issue than we’ve mentioned above goes the same in the bathroom – you need to check its condition before starting the remodeling project, especially if you’re about to replace the flooring. Enter here to keep some things you do and don’t want to do when it comes to your new bathroom.

New Bedrooms

We conduct bedroom remodeling projects and we like to divide it to 2 different types of projects. First, there’s a master bedroom remodeling, which is a unit project because usually it means we’re working on the bedroom and the master bathroom, as is goes together. The other type is kid’s rooms remodeling.

Master Bedrooms & Bathrooms

As mentioned, the master bedroom and the master bathroom are usually something that most homeowners chooses to remodel together. It doesn’t mean you also have to plan it together. You can design the master bedroom to be romantic and aim it to revive romance between you and your partner, but let’s admit it – the most important thing about the master bedroom and the master bathroom is to be a relaxing and calming place where you can rest after a long day, right? Our professional designer would love to assist you with planning your master bedroom to be both romantic and pampering. Here are some tips for how to make the most out of your bedroom’s design.

Kids’ Rooms

Kids need to feel safe and loved and belong. And what’s a better way to do so rather than designing a room that is especially for them, and designed according to the things they love and inspire them? There are few important things to think about when designing the kid’s room. First, think about the space at hand against the needs of this room – is the room meant for one child or more? If it is for two kids or more you can consider a bunk bed in order to save as much space as possible. Of what age is your kid? Do they need a computer desk or library? Or maybe they’re still at the age where they play on the carpet and don’t need a desk just yet? What about storage solutions? You can buy bed with a storage underneath it for all the toys. And regarding the decorations – this is the place to take into consideration your child’s taste. Do they like superheroes, princesses, sports, famous athletes, cartoon characters (such as Stitch, Mickey Mouse, etc.)? Whatever it is you can decorate their room by it. And what about bathrooms that suits your child? Enter here to get some tips for how to suit the new bathroom’s design to your child’s needs.

New Backyards

The backyard is where you can enjoy nature itself at your own home. Well, that’s if you plan it to have a lot of plants, flowers, vegetable garden, trees, rocks, waterfalls, and such. We love to include natural elements for your backyard, but obviously that’s not something that everybody loves and the choice is yours. You can also pave the backyard with tile flooring, concrete, etc. You can put fresh or synthetic grass all over it. You can plan a swimming pool or a playground for the kids. We strongly recommend to include a lounge area, best be shaded, a BBQ bar with a counter, some cabinets and a sink – it turns hosting family and friends to be much more convenient. Your options are countless – try to figure out what is it that you want to be able to do in your own backyard and plan it accordingly. Here are some ideas to plan your perfect backyard’s design.

Private Theaters and Entertainment Rooms

Having a private theater in your own house is awesome! You can enjoy hours of entertainment at home, you can host friends, family and your kids can have their friend over to watch a movie together. At Lia Construction we specialize in designing all sorts of entertainment rooms, such as: gaming room or table games room (soccer, hockey, pool, etc.). It can also be a private library with a retro styling, an office or even a small gallery – whatever you want it to be, we’ve got it. Want to get some ideas for your new entertainment center? Find it here!

Private Bars

Turn a corner at your house into a private bar, where you can host family and friends with a lot of style! Your alcohol bottles display will be designed with bright colors in order to emphasize your collection. You can have an illuminated onyx countertop as you must have seen at the most beautiful bars and clubs in Vegas. Want your home bar to be at the backyard? No problem! We will design it for you to be perfect with a counter and a sink, a place for a little fridge to keep the ice and electrical outlets, stronger lighting, and everything you need. We even prepared you 3 easy recipes for drinks you can mix at home!

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces and fire pits are something that mistakenly considered as “wintery” elements. But that‘s not exactly true – fireplaces and fire pits are also decorative elements to upgrade your interior design or the backyard. Sure, it is most useful during the cold season, but it is something to decorate your home. You can choose your fireplace to be traditional, electrical or a fireplace that runs on gas. You can also choose a fireplace out of the collections available in the market or we can custom-design and build one for you.

New Flooring

We always say that the flooring is the foundations for the whole designing and styling of your house – so try to keep that in mind. You can choose the same flooring for your entire house, or different flooring for each room, section or part of the house. Now, about the flooring options, there are several beautiful and high-quality solutions for you. Most homeowners choose hardwood flooring or natural stone tile flooring, as those are the highest quality options. You can also choose lamination flooring or parquet flooring. We can also custom-design flooring patterns or symbols for you and to set the size of tiles to be as big as the stone slabs allow us to.

Storage Solutions

One of the greatest complains we hear from homeowners about their house is in regard to the storage spaces – and obviously in all cases – there isn’t enough space. Now, if we want to have enough storage spaces it isn’t only about how big is the space, but if it suits to what I have to store. And so, we usually plan the storage solutions for each customers according to the space at hand and according to their possessions and stuff. Learn more about storage solutions options here.

New Lighting Systems

Imagine your house to be the stage. A beautifully designed stage that deserves beautiful lighting, which will emphasize it properly. Each part of your house requires a different type of lighting system (in some areas we do recommend to combine more than one type of lighting). You’re welcome to consult with our professional design regarding the best lighting systems to suit best for every room and part of your house. Find out more about light fixture types here.

Design Style for Your New Home

Most people believe that it is easy to choose a design style for a home. But with the countless options there is today in the field of interior design – the choice is not that simple and can cause confusion and sometimes desperation. Trust us when you find yourself overwhelmed with the endless options and you’re not sure which to choose, you might just give up and allow the designer to choose for you. But that is not a thing we would like to happen to you. Therefore, we will guide you in the process of choosing your own favorite design style, while focusing you in the right direction according to your taste and not according to the sea of options out there. We’re familiar with all design styles and are experienced with combining it as well.

Classic Design

The classic design style is considered the most luxurious one. It is the design style that related to royalty, castles and palaces. It is characterized with a lot of decorations, engravings and sculptures. Whether made with natural stone or wood, it is a majestic and very decorative design style. Click here to learn more about classic design style.

Modern Design

The modern design style main properties are creating a space that is effective, efficient and beautiful. Therefore, it is a design style that uses more straight angles, solid colors (usually black or white) and there’s much less decorative touches to it. For example: while in classic designed cabinets we will see a lot of use in stylish handles, in modern cabinets we will see handles that look simple, straight, or even no handles at all.

Rustic Design

The rustic design style is similar to log cabins’ design. It is simpler, down-to-earth design style, for those who loves nature and want to feel close to it. But, it doesn’t mean that the design will look simple or cheap, as it can be very majestic only in a much different style from the classic design. While the modern design considered to be a “cold” design, the rustic is considered to be a “warm” design.

Contemporary Design

The contemporary design style is the newest design style. Its main features are highly related to the millennials – dynamic, restless and bold. This design style is derived from the modern design style and therefore have a lot in common with its features, only the contemporary design takes things one step forward – the lines doesn’t have to be straight and can be suited according to the needs of the homeowner, the colors are extremely bold and with glossy finish, such as: green, red, purple and more. Want to know more about this newest design style? Enter here!

Mixed Styling

Now, sure there are interior design unwritten rules, but that doesn’t mean we can’t break it, we just ought to do it smartly. You can combine between two or more of the design styles at your house. You can do so by choosing a different design style for each room or by taking one design style and add touches from another design style within it. We won’t start giving you examples because here there are truly endless options and we don’t want to set your mind one a certain idea – we want to hear your idea or wishes and guide you from there. Click here to read our blog post with 5 steps to choose your house’s design style.

Want to schedule a free estimate in Las Vegas and the area with one of our experts with no obligations? Call us at: 702-650-0445 and let’s talk about your house remodeling project. We would love to hear from you and advise you about the change you want to create at your house, which will turn in into not just a home, but your dream home.