At Lia Construction we specialize in turning a house into a home. How do we do that? By suiting the house in front of us to its family. After all, each of us has their own idea of the perfect home, and we strive to create that for each of our customers, is by planning their new kitchen, new bathroom, bedroom design, backyard design, or an entire house’s remodeling. Here are the remodeling projects we offer to our customers. And the bottom line? We do it all.

New Kitchens

Our experts specialize in planning and creating new kitchens that suit its families. Whether modern, classic or rustic – you will enjoy a new kitchen that answers all your needs and wishes for your kitchen to be! If you want to get a free estimate for a new kitchen, call us at: 702-650-0445 and our experts will advise you with no obligations.

New Bathrooms

Is it time to remodel the bathroom? We specialize in creating new bathrooms that aren’t only beautiful but suit the needs of each family member, be it a child, a mother or an elderly. If you have special needs, we will adjust the new bathroom to provide whatever it is that you need, including accessibility solutions – all in a beautiful design planned by our professional designer.

New Bedrooms

Wish to romanticize your bedroom? Want to grant a special design to your kid’s room? No problem! By designing the walls’ paint, the lighting, and choosing the right furniture – we will create a beautiful environment in each of your house’s bedrooms that will suit to each of your family members, so every single one of you will have their own space so you all can call it “home”.

New Backyards

Basically the backyard is outside of your house but – it can provide you with countless hours of joy if you will invest in it. Allow us to turn your backyard into your own private heaven. We will include all the elements you need in order to suit the new backyard’s design to your expectations.

Home Remodeling

At Lia Construction we also specialize in creating a stunning interior design for entire houses and turning it into a home for each and every family we luckily get to work with. After countless of remodeling projects we took part in, we can say that there’s nothing we can’t do for you when it comes to planning and designing your own idea of a perfect home. Want to try us out? Call us at: 702-650-0445 and let’s plan your new and stunning home.