Every one of us has their own taste and the design styles they relate to over the other styles. Some like the “clean” look of the modern style, that doesn’t tend to overload your mind while you simply looking at it. Others prefer the coziness and warmth of the rustic design. And others sticks to one of the most ancient design styles – the classic design. What signifies the classic home styling? Read on to learn more about this royal design style.

Wide Space and a Lot of Decorating

If we were to ask of you to picture a classic kitchen in your mind, most of you will imagine the same things. The things that you will describe first will be the decorations and engravings as it is a significant element of this unique design style. But what is interesting about this, is that most of you would probably ignore the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the classic design style. The first thing our mind will imagine when thinking about the classic design style is wide spaces. It is not even consciously thinking, and that is why most people won’t mention it, but we are thinking it.

But, it is important to understand that it doesn’t mean that the classic style allow us to enjoy a wide space but the opposite – it is the wide space that allows us to enjoy the classic design style. Meaning, because that the classic design has a lot of decorations that can sometimes pack our mind, we will usually suit it to wider spaces.

Let’s not forget that this royal design style was first used in castles, palaces and other royalty buildings, which has extremely wide spaces in it. Actually, it totally makes sense to believe that the classic design style has a lot of decorating in it as the wide spaces allowed the designers to add more and more decorating elements.

Dominant Colors

At first, the classic design style was created on natural stones, such as marble, granite etc., and the most common colors were cream, off-white and black – as those were to mist common stones’ colors. Therefore, up until our days, the most common colors for classic design style are black and all shades of white.

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