Which type of lighting should you choose for the new kitchen? And which will create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom? What are recessed lighting and which are the best for the new bathroom? Here are most common of the light fixture types and the best ideas for where to install them at your house. Let’s lit it up!

Ceiling Lights

Installed directly from the ceiling at it meant to grant the room a lot of light. But its purpose is not only to fill the room with a lot of light but also to spread that light across the room evenly. Ceiling fixtures are the most common in houses along history and up to our days. It suits in every room you wish to light up and usually the best choice for the living room.


Decorative ceiling lights, usually known for its classic design. It is a decorative stylish ceiling lights that meant not only to light up a big room but also to grant it a prestigious touch.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are usually portable and allow you to move it across the room where it is stationed as needed. It also has a decorative touch to it and meant to provide task light to a room or a designed corner in your house.

Table Lamps/Desk Lamps

Table lamps are more of a decorate element and the desk lamp is more of a functioning light, but both provide desk light and allow you to enjoy a direct downwards light when you need it. For example, when you wish to read a book or write your next novel.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces fixtures are surface-mounted to the wall, which allows it to light directly downwards or upwards. For example, wall sconces that’s installed directly above the bathroom faucet and mirror, will allow you to enjoy a light that is directed to you.

Under Cabinets Lights

Under-cabinets lights are mostly decorative but also allows you to enjoy a relatively dim light in the kitchen. Meaning it can also allow you to save some power occasionally. For example, when you enter your kitchen at night, to get some water to drink, you don’t have to light up the whole kitchen, right? You can use the dim lights that mounted directly underneath the upper cabinets.

Cove Lights

Cove lights is what allows you to enjoy that romantic vibe in the bedroom. It is installed above a shelf or a ledge placed high on the room’s wall. Providing a dim and soft light that not only creates a romantic vibe but also creates a relaxing mood within the room.

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