A new year is approaching and with it new styles, new choices and the things that will always remain the same. What it got to do with home designing and what we’re expected to see during 2020? On this article we will try to examine the most common interior design choices of the last year and the last decade, and will end with our prediction for the upcoming year and the next decade. Let’s begin.

Back to the Origins

First, let’s start with the things that will never change. Our desire to go back to the origins, to the classic designs and by “classic” we don’t necessary mean the known classic design style, but what each of us consider as their memory of what things used to be like years ago. We all tend to feel nostalgic at some point of our lives and going back to our history (or at least what we remember it to be), allows us to feel more security. The more the world changes, the more people wish to return to their good old memories. And in the last decade the world has changed so much, that we’ve witnessed a lot of homeowners that wish to enjoy a comfort feeling within the walls of their homes.

On to the Future

Along those who wish to go back to the “good old days” there are those who always look forward. And we’ve already witness that movement during 2019 as the contemporary design style emerged upon us. The contemporary design style is the idea of keeping things functioning but not setting the style on a solid terms. Meaning, it is a very dynamic design style, just as that new generation who doesn’t have any sense of patient and wish to get things here and now.

Now all you got to do, is ask yourself, to which of the two groups you’re related with? Would you choose to grant your home a comfort, warm environment so you can feel secure at your home, or maybe you will choose to grant your home a dynamic ecstatic vibe that will keep you vibrant and excited?

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