You’ve saved money, you’ve visited every home renovation store and read every designing magazine, you’ve planned your home remodeling carefully, and now the day is finally here. The first day of your remodeling project. Do you ask yourself what is going to happen now? If you want to know what to expect when the project starts – you can learn all you need to know about the first day of your home remodeling ahead – keep reading!

The Remodeling Crew

Well the first thing that is about to happen is that the professional crew you’ve hired will arrive. They will do a short briefing to make sure the whole team is on the same page and that every crew member knows their job. At Lia Construction you’ll probably meet your remodeling project’s foreman, who will be the one to brief the crew and ensure not only them, but also you know exactly what is about to happen.

Last Preparations

Just before starting the remodeling itself, the crew will prepare your home for the project. Meaning, they will cover your furniture and such, in order to protect it from the dust and to lower as much as possible the risk it will get damage during the project. For example, on a kitchen’s remodeling project they will cover the refrigerator and oven so it won’t get dusty or scratched during the job. Once your home is ready, demolition can begin.


It is finally time to start working for real! Now the crew will demolish your old kitchen, bathroom or any other room they’re about to remodel for you. This is the more “messier” part of the remodeling project and it can get pretty chaotic, but rest assure once the project will be completed it will all become a long fading memory.

What more the crew will get to do on the first day of the remodeling project is depends on the scale of your project. If your project is comprehensive, so the first day will probably be dedicated to the demolition alone. If your project is relatively small, say you’re replacing only the kitchen’s counters, you can expect it will be completed within one or two days, so that’s the deal.

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