We always say that the journey of a home remodeling project must start with a free estimate, so you could understand what to expect out of it, before committing yourself to the process. But it is also important to prepare yourself for the meeting with the professionals – and for that, you need to know what expect from the meeting and what should it include. So, here’s a step by step guide for your home remodeling project price quote.

Mind the Measurements

The idea behind the estimate meeting is to let the contractor know what you wish to create at your home, while allowing you to understand the scales of the upcoming project, especially its price. And so, the most important thing for the professional to do is to take measurements of the space you wish to remodel, be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the backyard, etc., in order to offer you with a specific price quote to your home project’s needs. Otherwise, what’s the idea of coming down to your house rather than simply giving you an estimate price over the phone? Keep in mind that a price quote made by a professional that didn’t take measurements, is nothing other but a wild guess. And when it comes to planning your remodeling project’s budget, you don’t need guesses, you need a solid offer with real numbers.

The Design Style, Materials and Products

The other thing that must be included in the price quote is the materials and products to use the contractor for your project. Obviously, the first thing to decide is the design style you wish to grant your home. Then, choosing the materials’ colors, textures and styles will be much easier to do. The last thing to choose will be the products. For example: say you wish to remodel your kitchen – first, you need to choose a style, say rustic design style. Meaning, the main product for your kitchen will be wood, and there will be shades of brown and natural wood colors included in the designing. Last, you’ll choose the appliances for your kitchen. Now, once you’ll have your choices all aligned, it will be much easier for the contractor to give you a more accurate price quote.

What Should You Be Left with after the Estimate Meeting?

You should have a price quote in your hands, obviously. What is less obvious is that you rather ask the professional to leave you with a copy of the estimate with all their notes, so you’ll have the whole offer in writing. More than the price and the things we’ve mentioned (such as the materials that will use in your project), you should have all the information you wanted to have before getting yourself into the project. Meaning, make sure you ask the professional everything you wish to know about the project’s price, materials, method of work, the professionalism level of their crew, the length of time it will take to complete the project and possible date it can be complete by. So, make sure you don’t hesitate to ask whatever you need to ask and get all your questions answered before committing yourself to one contractor or the other.

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