How can one create the perfect backyard’s design? And what is considered to be the perfect backyard? Does one’s perfect design is another’s as well or does each homeowner has their own idea of the way to plan the most wonderful backyard? Well, our experience has taught us that there are certain elements that almost all homeowners are looking for at their backyard, as there are some elements that only few are seeking to include in theirs. Let’s see what the perfect backyard’s design is and how to create it.

The Backyard Lounge

First it is a place to hang out, a place where the family and sometimes guests can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air – let’s call it the Backyard lounge. And when it comes to backyard lounges in Las Vegas, it must be shaded as the summers can be really mean in our beloved city.

The Playground

Most homeowners also want to have some sort of an area where they can play with their kids – each family with the games they prefer – some want to have a grass filed and a soccer goal gate, some want to have a garden playhouse for the young kids, etc. Let’s call it the playground area.


Along our experience, we’ve also discovered that almost all homeowners love to host their extended family and friends often and even hold family occasions in their backyard. And it turns out that most Americans believe that if you want to properly host guest, it must include barbequing. And so the BBQ stand, grill, counter or anything else that allows you to barbeque goes in the backyard’s designing plan.

The Backyard’s Nature Effect

Another thing most homeowners want to feel at their backyard is as though they were hanging out in nature. So, the backyard’s nature effect may include any flower, tree, waterfalls, rocks, and plants – as long as it is planned to be beautiful as nature itself.

The Individual Backyard Design Preferences

So, what is it that is different from one homeowner’s desire from their backyard to the other? Well, first, as you’ve probably realized from all the above, the elements are the same but each homeowner will choose to differently design each element to suit their preferences and their family’s needs and expectations. Second, we’ve found that the budget is also something that affects the differences from one wonderful backyard’s design to the other. For example, most families has showed the desire to have a swimming pool at their backyard, but only those who can afford it will actually choose to build one. Others would choose to buy a garden swimming pool or an inflatable one at a lower cost.

Backyard’s Remodeling Project in Las Vegas

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