Las Vegas is one of the most growing cities in the world, as new neighborhoods are popping across it every month. You would think that with so many new houses, people simply move to a new house whenever they wish too, but it seems that the home innovation industry won’t slow down. Every homeowner wants their house to be the perfect home as they think of it, and in order to do so they choose to remodel their house again and again. And it doesn’t stop on remodeling the old house – even in the new Las Vegas’s neighborhoods, we see houses under construction, as the new homeowner wishes to adjust it to their family’s needs and preferences. What are the most popular home remodeling projects in Las Vegas? And why? Let’s discover.

A New House Remodeling

Say one buys a new house – why would they want to change it if everything is new? Well, there’s more than one main reason apparently. First, a lot of those new neighborhoods’ houses are built according to one same pattern – meaning, all the houses has the same kitchen, the same flooring, the same doors and windows, etc., and not everybody likes what has been chosen for their new home. And so they choose to remodel it, sometimes even before they move into the house. Second, a lot of times the backyard isn’t designed, and there’s only dust on a hard land outside the door. Even in new houses where the backyard is designed by the builders, it is usually a uniformed and minimalistic design that doesn’t suit every family’s needs – and the new homeowners want to have a beautiful and practical backyard to enjoy. And so, the two main remodeling projects in Las Vegas among new houses are a kitchen remodeling and a backyard remodeling.

An Old House Remodeling

There’s no question about it – and it seems that a kitchen remodeling is what almost every homeowner wants. Kitchens remodeling is the most common remodeling project in Las Vegas, and we think that it is due to the functionality of this particular room, that must be specious while offering enough storage space for all the kitchenware and foods. It only makes sense, since it is also the room where most families comes together, while enjoying tasty foods. The second most common home remodeling project in Las Vegas among old houses is also the backyard.

At the bottom line, there’s no difference between the most common remodeling projects among new or old houses. It seems every family wish to enjoy the two places in their houses they can come together as a family – the kitchen and the backyard. At Lia Construction, we’ve guided thousands of families in Las Vegas and surroundings through a remodeling project, which in its end they’ve been able to fully enjoy their house and finally call it their perfect home. Wish to get a free price quote for your home remodeling project and consult with our experts with no obligations? Let’s schedule! Call us at: 702-650-0445 to book your meeting.