This is a generation of changes. We feel it in our bones. The urge to change things. To renew things. And with it the desire to buy new things. It seems we can’t enjoy things that we’re already use to having. It all becomes obvious too quickly. And when we desire a new thing, we feel as though it meant to be ours. But what about our home? The place we want to be most familiar with – because when we feel familiar with it, we feel safe in it. Amazingly, our desire to renew things isn’t different for when it comes to our home. But what about remodeling our house and turning it into our home sweet home, rather buying a new and unfamiliar house? This is buying a new house vs remodeling your home.


Looking for a new house usually takes time. A lot of time. Meaning, if you set your mind to find a house, which will be a home to your family, sure you have demands and expectations for it, right? And finding the house that answers all these expectations won’t be easy at all. It can even take years. You must be patient and hold yourself from compromising on a house that answers only few of your wish-list, which will eventually and inevitably lead you to remodel it.

Remodeling your house may also take time, but it will be predefined. Meaning, you will be able to know exactly when your home will be ready. It may take a week, a mount, a year – but you will know the schedule for its completion ahead. Remodeling your house, will also allow you to perfectly plan it to answer all of your expectations. Your previous acquaintance with your house will grant you with the knowledge to plan your perfect home easily.


When it comes to costs, it may vary. At most case it will cost you more to buy a new house, even if we take the value of your existing home which you will probably sell in order to buy the new one. Why? Because we always spend more than what we’ve got – it is simply in our nature. Now, when you remodel your home, you can plan it according to your budget, but in those cases we’re also tend to spend more than what we’ve got in hand from the first place.

The Perfect Home

Buying a new house will most likely means that you will have to settle for something you didn’t wanted. It can be something small, such as the colors of the walls and it can be something more meaningful, such as the size of the master bedroom or backyard. However, remodeling your home, will allow it to design it perfectly according to what you wish your new home to be. So, it is up to you to decide what you want to do.

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