Summer is finally here and with it the motivation to enjoy more outdoors’ activities. But when we say “outdoors” we don’t necessarily mean away from home. No, we’re talking about activities you can enjoy at your own backyard. So, here you’ll find some ideas for fun family activities, you all can enjoy this summer. All you need is a decorated backyard, your family and the willing to have some fun with each other.

Ball Games at the Backyard

Who doesn’t like it? Playing soccer, playing catch, playing football or baseball, is the ultimate sport activity for the whole family to enjoy. It can be a father and son/daughter’s time with each other or it can be an activity the whole extended family participate – there are no rules! So make sure you always have a ball or two at the backyard, ready to launch hours of enjoyable time for your family.

Pool Parties at the Backyard

Pool parties might be summers’ most enjoyable activity. Not only that you’re active, swimming or playing volleyball inside the pool with your family, but your body also gets the refreshment that it needs by staying in the water. And from time to time when you get a little tired, you get out of the pool and lay down under the sun, allowing it to wash your body with its warmth and vitamin D. obviously, it is also important to protect your health, as spending long hours outside at the backyard on hot days.

How to Enjoy Summer without Damaging Yourself

First, you must remember that you and your family spend time outside and the sun can literally burn you. So, maybe you’re not at the beach, but you still must wear sunscreen in order to protect your skin. Secondly, you must drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration. Thirdly, try to avoid staying under the direct sunlight at the peak heat time of the day. On those hours get inside or enjoy the shaded location of your backyard. And that’s why it is important to have a shaded area at the backyard. Pay extra attention to the kids, make sure they drink enough water and that their skin doesn’t get too red – it’s a sign to over-tanning and the skin starts to burn. Protect them with sunscreen that must be applied on the skin more than once, should you stay outside for a few hours, and make sure the kids aren’t staying under the direct sun for too long as well.

What is your favorite summer activity with family and friends at the backyard? Do you wish to remodel your backyard to fit to your family’s idea of summer’s fun activities? Call us at: 702-650-0445 and let’s plan the perfect backyard for your family needs!