Having a private home theater at your residence place is a luxury indeed. A place where you, your family and your guests can enjoy watching a movie of your choice, as you set the screening schedule to any time you desire. Now, in order to maximize your enjoyment of the home theater, here are some ideas for its design and decoration that will guide you to create your own one of a kind private cinema.

Home Theater Furniture

In order for you and your family to watch movies comfortably, you must choose the right furniture for it. There are armchairs that are big, wide and very comfy, which will allow you to enjoy your home theater with style. Some even have a cup holder just like at the big cinemas. Now, you can watch a movie feeling you are right at the cinema. But, in order to have a high quality experience, you must quality appliances.

Build Your Home Theater

The main part about building your home theater is to choose the screen, the projector, and high quality speakers that will surround the room. Now, you don’t have to choose the most expensive option, but buying something that isn’t of a high quality will directly affect your watching experience.

Complete Your Cinema Experience

In order to complete your home theater experience there are two more aspects to take care of: the snacks and the atmosphere. What is a theater without popcorn in it? You’ll probably be glad to know that there are popcorn machines for home theaters, which you can buy and operate easily at your place. You can also place a small refrigerator in there, where you can put sweets, chocolate snacks and cold beverages. Now your experience is almost perfect, the only thing left is the atmosphere of it all.

Decorate Your Home Theater

You can decorate your home theater to be inspired by actors and actresses you like, a movie of movie franchise you like. Say you like Marvel’s Avengers Universe, you can buy posters from all the movies they made and spread them across your theater’s walls. You can also decorate your theater as a vintage theater, decorating it with old film projector, old films, posters of old films and actors, etc. Your options are countless, and you can change the decoration every now and then.

Now all that’s left is to roll that film, pop that popcorn and enjoy the film at your new home theater.