Each day we see more and more stores that design their store with a unique styling that sometimes works perfectly for the business. If you want the business in your store to work on its best, ensuring that the designing fits your business is a part of it. The concept must address your direct type of business – for example, if you have a sports clothing and shoes store you’ll probably combine images of fit looking models working out to create an athlete atmosphere at your store. On this article we will advise about the best choices of colors for the business’s walls, which based on the type of business.

Spiritual and Nature

When you’ve read this headline, “spiritual and nature”, what are the colors that jumped to your mind? If the answer is green and brown, you are in the right direction. Why? Well, our mind relates the color green with nature, which makes sense, but it also relates it with natural products (such as natural foods and even natural makeup or skin care products) or things provided to us by nature itself (such as vegetables). Brown, is the color of the earth itself and so it is only logical that brown usually goes perfectly in natural foods stores but also shoes stores. Get the idea?

Bright White with Lights

On what types of stores both the walls and the lights are usually really bright? If you guessed it to be sunglasses stores, you’re right indeed. When trying on a sunglasses, any one of us wants to test it while staring towards bright light that imitates the sun’s brightness, so we would know if the sunglasses is good and if it protects us properly. Therefore, if a sunglasses store design will be too dark for the customers to try the merchandise, obviously this store’s business will be affected and not in a good way.

Las Vegas Hotels Design Choices

Most people will declare that the main reason they go to hotels is in order to rest. But in reality, most people don’t rest, on the contrary, most hotels’ guests are looking forward to have a good time, to enjoy themselves and to party. And when it is Vegas’ hotels we’re talking about, partying turns to be the main reason. So, how would you decorate a party? With glamour of course! Colorful, shiny, luxurious – it all goes!

The list goes on and on and for each business there’s the best choice of colors to go with it. Want our advice regarding your business? Call us at: 702-650-0445 and get a free estimate with one of our experts.