We say lots of times in our blog posts that when you have a certain design style in mind, according to which you want to design your own home, nothing should prevent you from doing so. Including the size of the space at hand. Sure, we did mentioned a time or two the most recommended styles to go with each room based on its size, but those are simply a few of our suggestions and surely it doesn’t mean you must design your house according to it. There are so many options to choose from and you know what, it’s not only the style of the design that you’re choosing, but also the vibe and atmosphere the design will create in each room.

Small Vs Big

Well, first, if you have any doubt about whether or not a small space can be designed beautifully – be sure it can. It takes a comprehensive perception of the size and shape of the space at hand and a vast experience, which will allow the professional the ability to best suit each corner of the room with the design style chosen by the customer. Now, when it comes to wide and specious rooms, the secret is to design it tastefully and not overload it with too many details, just because you can. Even if the customer wants to use all the space at hand, it can be done smartly rather than just “throw” all decorative elements all over the place.

Modern Vs Classic

We come across this question quit a lot – which design style best suiting my house, modern or classic? And though sometimes there is indeed one good answer for this question, in most cases the answer is a bit more complicated. On most projects we take into consideration not only the best design that fits the room, but also the vibe of the family that lives in that house. That’s why we try to understand what the kind of vibe that our customer wants to create in their homes is. What environment best suit their activities and spirit? What would make them happy? And what would make them feel at home when our job completes, as the project is done? All the information must be calculated with the style, colors and other design preferences of the customer.

Professional Design Services

If you have a vision of how your new home will look like after a remodeling project, you’re half way through with the hard work. If you don’t, our professionals are here for you to assist planning your home remodeling project. Either way, with us you can get free consultation and price quotes with no obligations, so you can decide what to do based on all the information you need. Call us at: 702-650-0445 and let’s schedule to meet!