The fabulous city of Las Vegas certainly has its glamour. Bright and lighted billboards that promotes shows and concerts, gorgeous luxurious hotels and highly prestigious neighborhoods. This city has inspired so mane designs and even residential assets are designed and built as a tribute to it. The fun thing about it, is that this city’s designs aren’t limited to one style, yet it all beautiful and stunning in its own way. So, here are some tips for bathroom designs inspired by our beautiful city.

Royalty bathroom

If you’ll visit Vegas’ most expensive suites you’ll find that most of it inspired by palaces designs, which made for royalty. And you can also design a royalty bathroom at your home. First, you need to go with classic design style, with bright colors and dramatic decorations engraved within the stones and wood elements. Stone decorated pillars are just one option for you to consider, and the bigger your bathroom is, the more dramatic you can design it. The most common colors are white, cream and off-whites, but if you want to go really dramatic – you can go with black as the main design color and gold decorations with it.

The products of the royal bathroom will be only the finest and most beautiful too. In most classic royal designs we’ll see the use of golden faucets and handles, whether the main design color is white, black or somewhere in between. The royal design is all about luxury and that’s another way to create a prestigious appearance and experience.

Spa Bathroom

The “spa bathroom” is the combination of all the good things you feel while enjoying a spa. Meaning, its design won’t be packed with a lot of elements but rather with those that contribute a calm environment. What we would place in a spa bathroom is a huge and wide bathtub or even a pampering Jacuzzi, big enough for at least two to enjoy it.

The main design colors of the spa bathroom will be brown with another color that the homeowner chooses. Shade of brown are considered as calming colors and also related with earth and nature. Therefore, we create many bathrooms with brown and green, brown with cream, and also brown with gray – the colors combination options are plenty for the customer to choose from.

There are a lot of ideas for a dreamy bathroom. Almost as many as the amount of people on earth, as we each got our own idea of what dreamy is. The secret is to find a professional construction company experienced enough to follow your vision – just like Lia Constructions – your Las Vegas local home for remodeling projects. Call us at: 702-650-0445 and schedule a free estimate for your bathroom remodeling project with no obligations whatsoever!