The way we choose to design our store, restaurant, office, or hotel effects directly on the vibe and atmosphere of it. It also effects the way people feel staying at our business, whether it’s our employees or customers. Therefore, it is important to keep it in mind when designing or even simply decorating our business. Here are some design tips to inspire you with designing your business.

The Display Window

The display window has a significant role in stores and restaurants. The idea of it is to draw the attention of the people passing by our shop to enter it and interest in our merchandise, be it products, foods, services, etc. But how do we draw the attention of the passers-by and encourage them to enter our store? When you sell merchandise such as clothing or shoes, you better display your most selling products in the display window. The items that most of your customers choose, are your best chance to draw more customers inside. In a different case – if you sell or offer a product or a service that no one else offers or that is rare to find, put it out there and your chances of drawing people in will increase as well. When it comes to restaurants, the story is a little different.

Feed the Eyes

When we are hungry, we eat first with our eyes. Ever wonder why every fast food diner presents all their menu’s courses and meals outside on the sidewalk? Because when we’re hungry we hunt with our eyes and the first thing we catch (actually the first thing that catches our attention), is usually what we’ll crave for. Now, most of the restaurants don’t display their courses outside but they do share their menu, where those who passes by can take a look and consider coming it. Sometimes, restaurants do display their daily special course in order to lure their customers in. It’s proven to work and so most of stores and restaurants using this method.

Show Them Everything You’ve Got

Interior display is also very important, especially in stores and shops. Customers want to see what you sell before they show interest of buying anything. Think about shoe stores of only few decades ago – several models of shoes were displayed and the salesman presented you with additional models according to your initial choice. But today, most of shoe stores display every model they have, so the customers can choose for themselves. If before some of the customers weren’t sure if you have what they’re looking for, today they can simply walk in and choose their shoe model out of your varied display, which mostly lead to increase in sales. Same goes for clothing, same goes for almost any merchandise you offer. So, make sure everything is displayed beautifully and in a manner that allows a clear view of it all.

Designing the Office

Now, this tip goes for all type of businesses – the environment. Any business and especially offices need to think about the environment of their place and the way their employees feel throughout the day. In order to allow a place where your employees like to stay at and do their job on the best, you must create a comfortable environment. Think about the needs of your employees and act accordingly – provide them with a calm environment and with enough space to do their jobs with as little interruptions as possible. In every business, we wish to keep our customers inside for just enough time, in which they’ll decide to buy something – think about the environment you create – the colors of the walls, the display, and even the smell in it. Make sure it will be inviting and comfortable and most chances are that you will succeed drawing more buying customers.

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