It’s not easy choosing the design style for your new remodeling project. The bigger the project is, the harder it is to visualize the whole picture, which we wish to create. The endless possibilities of designing can lead to confusion and to the point where it is hard to make a choice. Yet, there are several ways to plan the design style and to reach that vision of your new home appearance. Here are 5 steps of planning the design style for home remodeling project.

Be Familiar with the Main Design Styles

The more you’ll become familiar with the design styles and its features, the easier it will be for you to decide which you like best. It is good to keep in mind that features from one design style can go with features of another style – so you can create your own unique style. It can be one of two ways: you can start with choosing the design style and decide about the features accordingly or start with choosing your favorite features and build the design style accordingly. This step can be hard to form, so you can assist professional designer to guide you through it.

Set the Scale of the Remodeling Project

In order to complete the design style plan, you must specify the things you wish to include in your project: which rooms you wish to remodel, what you wish to replace, what products you need, and of course, the materials for the project. Once the scale of the project is set, you can move forward from planning, to start choosing the materials and products.

Your Remodeling Project’s Materials and Products

After deciding what will be replaced, it is time to choose the materials you wish to use for your remodeling project. Would you go for granite counters? Wooden floor? Stainless steel sink? Do you wish to replace the kitchen’s appliances with new ones? This is the stage where you choose all of your project’s elements. If you work with a budget, this step is your chance to choose materials and products according to your financial limits. Experienced professionals can guide you by making the best choices for your needs.

Color Your Project

Once you know the style, the features, the materials and products of your project, you can choose the colors for each of your project’s elements. While choosing the colors, you need to consider the relations between the different elements, such as walls, counters, floor, and even furniture. Meaning, think about the relations you wish to create. Do you want the kitchen’s walls to be in contrast with the flooring? Or maybe you wish for it to be harmonized with each other? This is the stage where you set the environment you want at your home.

Choose the Professionals

The last step will be choosing the company to hire for your home remodeling project. First, you need to choose a company that will offer a free estimate for your project. Secondly, you should choose experienced company with expert professionals. Thirdly, choose a company who offers you one stop shop for all your project’s needs and offers a significant discount for it all. And last thing, choose a local company to always be available for you!

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