The biggest event in sport is coming our way and watching parties is a great way to experience it with your friends and family. Super Bowl parties are the best and really easy to plan in order for it to be a success. In fact, almost anyone can plan it with 5 simple steps to follow – so here are our 5 must-things list for your Super Bowl party.

The Zone

Well, the first thing you need for your Super Bowl party is a place to host it. It can be your house, the backyard or even your office! But wherever it may be that you decide to host the party at, we recommend to decorate it with Super Bowl and football themes decorations! When your place is decorated it will set the right atmosphere for the party and will encourage your guests to get in the game mood as well. After all, what is a party without decorations?

Super Bowl Party Foods

The Super Bowl hits most of us fans with a lot of excitement, and so something to chew on can definitely help us to relax a little bit, and if not, it still nice to snack along the ball game, right? So, make sure there’s enough snacks for everyone at your party to enjoy. We recommend to vary the snacks’ selection so every one of your guests can find something they like. And try to stick to snacks only and don’t get tempted to serve heavy foods – you don’t want to tire your guests with it. You can decorate the snacks with football elements or elements of your favorite team, which many Super Bowl parties’ hosts like to do and we like it!

Your Super Bowl Squad

Who would you like to experience this Super Bowl game with? Your fellow fans? If your favorite team is playing the big game, watching it with your fellow fans can be just like partying with your favorite squad. You can also celebrate it with your family or friends or even fellow workers! There are a lot of Super Bowl parties where friends and families celebrate together and they even root for different teams, which can also be a lot of fun as they tease each other with laughter.

Set the Space to Suit All of Your Guests

Once you set the place where you plan to host your guests at and the guests list is ready as well, you need to think about how suiting the place to host all of your guests conveniently. But don’t you worry about it as you can make the best of any space at hand. Say that you have ratter small space with only one sofa, you can add some chairs and place a mattress on the floor and throw some cushions on it – and so you got yourself enough space for at list about 10-15 guests.


Obviously beverages of some sort will take place at your Super Bowl party. If you choose to include alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly and make sure that when leaving your party, no one drives while under the influence.