Isn’t it fun to host parties at home with friends and family? The decorations, the celebrations, and yes, the drinks! When it comes to alcohol, it is best to remember two things. First, is to drink responsibly and also make sure that your friends drink responsibly – so make sure you don’t pour too much alcohol into their drinks and that they don’t consume too many drinks. It is not only healthier, but it will also allow them and you to enjoy more and for longer time. The second thing to remember about alcohol, is that it may seems easy to mix it but it can as easily go bad, up to the point where it becomes undrinkable. And so here are 3 simple and fun drinks you can mix at your home parties.

Sex on the Beach

This is one of the most famous alcoholic cocktails because it is tasty, easy and fruity!

All you’ll need:

1.5 Oz Vodka (better choose premium Vodka)

1.5 Oz Orange or pineapple juice

1.5 Oz Cranberry juice

0.5 Oz Peach schnapps


Orange wheel

How to make Sex on the Beach cocktail:

Pour all ingredients except the orange wheel in a shaker and stir well. Strain into a highball glass, and garnish with the orange wheel and a cocktail umbrella. It doesn’t get any easier that that!


Margaritas – everybody likes it and it will impressed all your friends should you’ll make it right and tasty. It is easy to make and you can also make frozen margaritas, if the weather is hot and suited for frozen drinks.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 Oz Blanco tequila

1 Oz Fresh lemon juice

0.75 Oz Orange liqueur


Salt rim

Lime wheel

How to make margarita:

First, salt the rim of a margarita glass. Then pour the tequila, lemon juice and orange liqueur into a shaker with ice and stir well to chill. Strain into the garnished margarita glass and add the lime wheel.

For frozen margarita: pour the tequila, lemon juice and orange liqueur into a blender with 1 cup of ice. Blend until the ice crashes and the mixture is smooth. Then pour it into the margarita glass and garnish with the lime wheel.

Drinks for Kids

When children participate your party you can spoil them with a non-alcoholic cocktail such as Shirley Temple, which is very easy to do.


0.25 Oz Grenadine

Ginger ale (Limon lime soda, lemonade or orange juice)


1 Maraschino cherry

Lemon wedge

How to make Shirley Temple cocktail:

First fill a Collins or a Hurricane glass with ice and add the grenadine. Fill the glass with ginger ale and garnish with a maraschino cherry and a lemon wedge. With the ginger ale or instead of it, you can choose lemon lime soda (such as Sprit), lemonade or orange juice – according to the preferences of the children you spoil with those drinks!

Remember to pay attention to the amount of alcohol you use in your drinks, if you don’t want the party to be over soon than planned, and enjoy it!