The best part about home remodeling project is the creativity we can express, while suiting the space to the preferences of the homeowners, and bringing into reality their vision for their new home. In the past, when homeowners remodeled their entire house, it was more common to choose one design style for the whole house. But today, we see more and more homeowners who dare to design each room differently. It sure turn the projects to be more complicated yet more interesting, but sometimes the homeowners struggle to choose their favorite design style and ask for our designers’ advice. In this article we mark our basic tips for which design style to choose and how to decide.

Consistent Design Style

The first thing that maybe is needless to say (but we’ll say it anyway) is to choose a design style that you like. Now, if you rater choose one design style for the entire house, then you should also take into consideration the size of each room and the needs you and your family have from each room. While classic design style will go better in big spaces, the modern and contemporary styles will allow you to fully use smaller spaces and turn it more efficient.

The Bedrooms’ Design

Choosing the design style for the bedrooms should also suit for its residents. Meaning, if it is the kids’ room we’re remodeling, it is important to include features that suited to a theme that the kid likes. That way, the kids will feel as though it is their space inside the house, where they can feel belong and safe. If it is the master bedroom we’re remodeling, it is recommended to take into consideration the needs of both partners.

The Kitchen and the Bathroom

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are “function rooms”. Meaning, we first have to plan it to answer our needs of it, such as the basics: bathtub, sink and toilet in the bathroom and for the kitchen: sink and appliances. In order to answer our family needs of those rooms, we must calculate its size, the space the basic requirements, and only then measure which design style will go with it best.

Of course that our experts’ experience allows them to plan and suit the rooms’ designing according to your preferences, while including the basics and everything you need in each room.

Designing the Living Room

Designing the living room can also be quite challenging but we love it, as we also see it as the family room, where all the family spends time together. Designing a living room means to create a comfort environment, that all the family members can relay to. And that’s why we love it so much.

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