When designing an accessible home, there are few things to take under consideration in order to ensure the safety of our family members, especially those who suffer from disability of some sort. Here are the main things to include in your home, in order to turn it into an accessible and safer home.

Accessible Kitchen

Should one of the family members is using a wheelchair, think about adjusting the sinks to a height where it can be reached while using the wheelchair. Keep the pathways clear and open and locate the light switches where it will also be accessible to the user of the wheelchair. Consider to locate all the kitchen’s cabinets on the floor, rather than installing it on the walls.

Accessible Bathroom

As part of an accessible home, the bathroom must be adjusted and designed according to the needs of the person with the disability. This room’s accessibility is extremely important as it already considered to be the most hazardous room at any home as it is. So, again we have to think about the location and height of the skin and light switches. An accessibility to enter both the bathroom and the bathtub with the wheelchair – make sure to include safety bars across the bathroom where needed – especially if the disability involved with walking difficulty of some sort.


The flooring is a significant element of the accessible home. It ought to be leveled, smooth and have non-slip feature. The pathways across the house should be open and clear at all times and specious enough to go through with a wheelchair. It is best choosing stone flooring over wooden floor – but not as a solid rule.

Don’t Forget the Backyard Accessibility!

An accessible home is not completed if you have a backyard and it is not accessible to the whole family. Therefore, include the backyard in your home accessibility remodeling project. Include a clear exit to the backyard from the house, make sure the indoors’ and the outdoors’ floor is leveled with each other or include a built-in ramp to allow easy access. Same as inside of the house – make sure the floor is leveled and smooth and in case necessary include safety bars along the pathways of the backyard.

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Remember, those tips mentioned above are just basic suggestions. To ensure the safety of your family, it is important to consult with your doctors to better understand the needs of those who has the disability, so you’ll be able to suit them the solutions they need.