When talking about bathrooms’ designs in Las Vegas, it usually about the glamorous and luxurious designs of them all. But, this time we’d like to focus on kids’ bathrooms’ design. We’ll talk about the obvious things that must be in any bathroom, about the ideas that will allow our kids to use the bathroom by themselves, and the things that will ensure their safety.


First thing’s first. In every bathroom the first things to set are the practical things: a toilet bowl, a sink, and a bathtub or a shower stall – so our children can use the bathroom for the purposes it is made for. Of course, that there’s a lot of options for you to choose from – starting with the color of the toilet bowl and up to the size of the bathtub. Once we’ve chosen these, we’ll get the elements that will allow our children to use it properly.

Additionally, the kids’ bathroom must have enough storage capacity for all the things you need for them, and so, you can plan the new bathroom cabinets according to your needs, while you also combine the creativity matter into it and choose a color that will go with the general design.


Children are small and vulnerable and surely shouldn’t take a bath on their own when they are too young. But, comes a time, when the child is ready to use the toilet or the sink on their own but doesn’t do so because they can’t reach it, due to their height or little arms, which may harm their confidence, their sense of self efficacy and in rare cases can even lead to a cognitive development problem. So, when the time is right, it is important to place a stool right next to the toilet and a stepper next to the sink, for our child to climb on and easily wash their hands or use the toilet.

This is not only a matter of their ability to use the bathroom, but also a matter of safety, because once the child is ready in their mind to do something – they will try over and over again, and so it is our responsibility to provide them with a safe environment to explore their abilities. And so, make sure to combine a non-slip surface upon the bathtub and right next to it, where the floor gets wet often and it is a serious hazard for our kids.

Themes and fun

A playful and “childish” design is also important – it’s beautiful, it’s fun for the kids and it will just make the room happier. Additionally, you can combine products that are already accustomed for kids’ bathroom – such as: towel holders that designed in the shape of the first latter of your kid’s name, an animal designed toothbrush holder, a superhero printed bathtub’s curtain, etc. – your options are countless – so just choose a theme that your kids love and match everything to it. You can also paint the walls with vivid color or put wall stickers of the chosen theme – the kids can help!