Whether at our homes, offices or stores, it seems that there’s always an issue regarding the storage. Sometimes the storage space we have at hand is just not enough and sometimes it’s the organization of the space that isn’t efficient for our storage needs. Many mistake to think, that if you have enough storage capacity then the problem is solved but in reality, the size of the storage space isn’t the full answer to our needs. What are the main storage needs we answer and what storage solutions we offer in Las Vegas? Read ahead.

Residential Storage Solutions

At home, we need a storage for different purposes: to store things we use only on special occasions (such as holiday decorations), to storage items of seasonal use (such as thick warm blankets for winter), and to storage things of daily use (such as: bathroom towels, the kids’ toys, kitchenware, gardening tools, etc.). Therefore, we must have storage spaces that suits for those needs (it make no sense to store your kitchenware up in boxes at the attic or down at the basement, because you don’t have enough space at the kitchen right??). And so, at the kitchen we need cabinets and drawers, while at the attic and basement we need those as well but also bigger storage spaces, such as closets or wardrobes for seasonal bedding, clothes etc.

Office Storage Solutions

Every typical office strive to maintain organization of its storage and archive files, which isn’t easy due to the method of its storage space. See, at the office, the storage organization is extremely important, because should you need to find something at the archive for example, if it has no organization system to it, it may take hours to locate the file or item you need. And so, at the office, we need storage solutions that will allow us to label the content of each cabinet, drawer, etc. Also, at the office we need to store a lot of files, paperwork and documents in general, so we need cabinets that will allow us to do so, while all the documents placed in a manner where it won’t scattered all over it, such as files’ cabinets.

Stores Storage Solutions

When it comes to stores, there’s another important aspect to the efficiency of the storage: presentation. Meaning, every store needs storage solutions and organization to it, but most of them also need to present their products to the customers and it best be in beautiful and appealing manner. See, marketing methods must be included in the presentation plan. Due to the diversity of the products each store wishes to present, most of owners of such stores hire custom cabinets designing services.

At Lia Constructions we offer storage solutions in Las Vegas for every storage needs mentioned above and more, including industrial solutions for hotels. For free consultation and price quote for storage project of any sort, call as at: 702-650-0445 and we’ll be at your service.