Most Popular Rustic Kitchen Designs

The rustic design style – the nature-like, the welcoming, the cozy, the warmest design style! The design style has its own enchantment touch and when it’s entering your house it is quickly feels like a home. What are the most popular rustic kitchen designs’ elements, which to be found in every kitchen? And how can you plan your new kitchen design according to the rustic design style? All details ahead.

The Rustic Designed Kitchen

So what define the rustic designed kitchen? Well, first is the usage of wooden elements, obviously. The flooring, the cabinets and even the ceiling decorations – all made of natural wood. And now that we’ve said that, we would like to qualify our own statement and say that nowadays not all rustic-designed kitchens have natural wood elements in it but we’ll elaborate on that later. The colors in the rustic designed kitchen is mainly of shades of brown, which is also pretty obvious. Now, the shades of wood in the rustic designed kitchen will be more of the darks rather than the bright ones – why? Because the dark and deep shades of natural wood create that cozy environment in rustic designed spaces.

Rustic Design and Natural Stones

Since the rustic design include the use of natural wood, what can go better with that rather than natural stones? In rustic designed kitchens you will usually see the combination of wooden cabinets and flooring with natural stone countertops, such as granite stone, which is the strongest choice of the kitchen.

The New Rustic Kitchen

In the aspiration to create more environment-friendly options for homeowners, we see more and more wooden substitute materials, which looks awesome! Those elements are used more frequently in interior designs, including rustic kitchen designs. For example, there’s lamination flooring that imitates natural texture and look, such as wood or stone. So, if you’ve wondered about it, yes – you can plan your new kitchen to be both beautiful and environment-friendly!