The Old Classic Design vs The New Classic Design

Home décor and the different design styles had constantly changed and evolved through the years. Sure, not everything has changed as a lot of the concepts remain the same to this day, but the idea is, that along the solid “classic” design styles, such as classic, rustic, and modern design styles, there are new variants that emerged along the solid ones. And just like the modern design style has its new, young, and dynamic version – the contemporary design style, so does the classic design style has its new variant – the new classic design. In this article, we’ll talk about the old classic design and its new variant. Let’s begin.

The New Classic Design

Out of the discount that most of you are already familiar with the classic design style, let’s jump straight to the new classic design style. While the old classic design style is related to decorations and engravings and beautiful royal variegation, the new classic design style has been affected by some of the modern elements and characters. Meaning, that the new classic design is more practical and more about using the space at hand to the best rather than considering only the decorative aspect of the design. Why did that happen? Because original, the classic design style started in places and castles, which offered wide spaces to fill with beautiful decorative elements. The classic design style has “moved” into the residential homes and so had to “adjust itself” a little.

Where Does the New Classic Design Suites?

More homeowners choose to combine the new classic design style in their houses, but it doesn’t mean the old classic design has faded. It is much dependent on the preferences of the homeowners and the use they have in each room. For example, we see the classic design in its old form to still lead in bathrooms and master bedrooms, especially if those are big. But, we see a significant change in the classic kitchens’ designs, as most strive to be more efficient and practical in order to allow the user to fully use the space at hand, rather than “waste” it on decorative ornaments. Maybe it has a thing or two to do with the use of the room – at the bathroom and bedroom, we go to take a shower or a nap meaning we want to relax and enjoy and even feel like royalty. In the kitchen we go from work to back, to cook, and to fry – meaning we want to have a convenient space in order to operate.

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