5 Tips for Designing a New Kitchen

Lia construction is a professional experienced remodeling company that guides its customers with planning their projects and specializes in remodeling houses in any design style in Las Vegas and the surroundings. Allow us to share a few tips from our experiences and knowledge to help you designing a new kitchen.

 Planning a New Kitchen

The best thing to start with is planning. No remodeling project can be executed without a plan. And a plan will allow you to properly prepare for the remodeling project itself and for the expected costs of it. If you don’t have a plan you can’t know what the outcome will be and you surely can’t prepare a budget for it. As part of the planning you need to make a list of all the things you wish to remodel in your kitchen, such as: cabinets, counters, flooring, sinks, faucets, pipeline, lighting, etc.


Another important part of planning a new kitchen is understanding its costs. The list you’ll make with all the things you wish to remodel will better allow you to explore the costs of everything. Of course, you’ll have many options for each element in your list in matter of material, design and cost – so you have some exploring to do. You can also ask for free estimates from professional remodeling companies such as Lia Construction.

Free Estimates

A free estimate allows you to get a price quote for your kitchen remodeling project and to consult with professionals regarding your project. Having a price quote for your project will also allow you to prepare a budget for your project and know what to expect financially.

Remodeling Company

Choose a remodeling company that is professional, experienced and available in your area. Ask the company to give you a free estimate before you hire any company for the remodeling project. You can also explore prior remodeling projects the company has done and get an idea of their work. Also make sure that the company is available to you should you have a preferred time you wish to start your project.

Make the Best of the Space at Hand

It is important to plan your new kitchen according to your preferences but it is also important and essential to plan it according to the space at hand the making the best out of it. Have a small kitchen? Plan upper cabinets. Have a big kitchen? Plan a big and beautiful kitchen island in it.

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