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Modern European style kitchen remodeling

A home remodeling project of kitchen renovation. Starting with the planning stage that includes the list of things the customer wishes to replace in the old kitchen, the design style, the materials, the colors, and the ambience the customer wants to have in the new kitchen. Planning ahead allows to get the best results for each remodeling project. Now let’s review this kitchen planning stage

Planning the New Kitchen

Flooring – The customer has chosen to do a total makeover to their old kitchen and so it is a great opportunity to set the entire space according to the style and the ambience we want to create. Therefore, it is great that the flooring is a part of the remodeling project. The customer chose natural bright marble tiles to replace the old flooring.

Lighting – The lighting complete the space setting along with the flooring choice. The flooring and the lighting emphasize and complete one another so that is another aspect to think about in the planning stage. Here the customer chose to combine more than one type of light fixtures, which not only allows the new kitchen to be lighten and comfortable, but also add a decorative touch to the kitchen’s design.

Cabinets – The customer chose to combine two styles of kitchen cabinets. One type is on the right hand side as seen in the pictures, solid dark cabinets that include the refrigerator covering as part of the cabinets and the combining of the built-in double-layer oven. The second type is on the left hand side and is bright brown color with natural horizontal pattern. On the second type of cabinets we can see the combination of the stove in the countertop and the ventilator above it.

Island – The kitchen island is an integration of two parts. The first part, is a wide luxurious styled island, which also has the new sink installed in it – right across the stove so it is easy and convenient to fill water in the pots as you cook. Notice how the main lighting is right above the first part of the island – the idea is to create a practical cooking space and so the main light is right above the cooking surface. The second part of the island is a dining table, which is why this part is a bit lower than the first part – that way, the customer can cook conveniently standing up as the first part is high, and the family can dine together on comfortable chairs. The dining table is made of one-piece natural wood that upgrades the entire design of the kitchen up a few levels to amazing.

Countertops and backsplashes – The countertops are of a dark shade – on one hand it matches the dark cabinets and on the other it contrasts to the bright cabinets and the dining table. The backsplashes are made of natural beautiful onyx stone. The onyx stone is cut to big pieces to matches the walls and cover it perfectly. The color of the onyx is mostly white with slightly brownish thin horizontal veins.

Accessories – Replacing the sink and faucet with new ones – both solid black.

Appliances – The refrigerator, the stove, and the ovens are combined elegantly in the new kitchen design.

Furniture – The customer chose comfortable chairs to go with the dining table. The color of the chairs matches the dark cabinets and the countertops.

The Design Style

The customer chose a modern European design style for their new kitchen. The European design style characterized with several features, including efficiency and minimalism as part of the modern style, and also with straight clean lines, high sense of esthetics, and specific answers to the occupants needs. In this kitchen we see it in the location of the appliances, the accessories and the unique dining table. The colors complete each other but also contrast one another on some points. The colors are calm and allow a relaxing ambience.


The kitchen remodeling has executed by Lia’s professionals according to the customer’s preferences and to the initial plan, down to the smallest details. The result is a beautiful European styled kitchen with high sense of esthetics and a luxurious finishing details. Due to a well-planned lighting system, the kitchen can be fully lighted but can also be dimmed for those romantic dinners. We have created a specious luxurious and elegant new kitchen, in which our customer can enjoy daily with their family and friends.

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